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Amid some of the hottest days ever recorded on Earth, we’re pleased to see a commitment to reduce transportation emissions locally with the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) petitioning the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) on July 7th to adopt Advanced Clean Cars II and Advanced Clean Trucks rules. This decision comes on the heels of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s  announcement in support of  the rules earlier this month. 

The New Mexico Clean Air Coalition, which includes CVNM, is planning to participate in the hearing on NMED’s petition at the EIB. We’re excited to support NMED’s petition, and work to strengthen the rule through the administrative process. The EIB canceled its July meeting and is expected to set a hearing schedule on the NMED petition at its August meeting.

By building on last year’s Advanced Clean Cars rule, these new rules can  provide long-term protection for New Mexicans from pollution and help combat climate change. 

These rules offer benefits that extend beyond public health and the environment. New Mexicans would also enjoy tremendous economic benefits from adopting these regulations. Electric vehicles have proven to be a financially sound decision when purchasing a new vehicle. Between tax incentives and lower fuel and maintenance costs, choosing an EV over a conventional combustion engine makes tremendous economic sense.

 It’s crucial that Advanced Clean Cars II and Advanced Clean Trucks be adopted for the standard of 100% by 2035.

Keep an eye on your inbox as we will keep you updated on developments in the rulemaking process and how you can get involved.  

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