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Building collective political power, creating public policy that matters, and advocating for environmental champions in our legislature.

Water Project Volunteer, Socorro, New Mexico

Photo of Madera Canyon Wildlife Water Volunteer Project by Carlos Madril, Wildlife Management Biologist for the BLM New Mexico Socorro Field Office.

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We’ll keep you informed on our endorsements for pro-conservation candidates, legislative priorities, timely information on critical environmental issues and opportunities to take action to support our work to keep the air we breathe and the water we drink clean.

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When our leaders fail to listen to us, their constituents – or even to ask what we want for our future – we inform and educate them. We hold them accountable. To us, that’s what it means to be a Conservation Voter.

The only way we can protect what we hold dear—our blue skies, the water that’s our lifeblood, our Land of Enchantment—is through people power. We know that when a groundswell of people like you elevate your voices, our elected officials are forced to listen.

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Win Elections. Vote.

In order to pass strong laws that protect New Mexico’s environment, we believe it is critical to engage in the electoral process.

Through our work with both CVNM Action Fund and CVNM Verde Voters Fund, we let voters know that—for New Mexico’s air, land, water and communities—who we elect matters.

Visit CVNM Action Fund’s pages for more information regarding endorsements.

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Need to Fully Fund Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund

December 5, 2023

Created during the 2023 legislative session, the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund (LOE) does what has never been done in New Mexico. It invests long-term in supporting statewide programs that help protect and restore our lands, water, wildlife, and cultural heritage. 

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Legislative Outcomes & Updates

Track the results of the latest Legislative Session 

Success Stories

Celebrate Community and Individual Successes
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L Bar Ranch

November 20, 2023

To know the land deeply and intimately requires time and patience.” 
These were the words spoken by Theresa Pasqual on June 29, 2022, at the Dancing Eagle event center. A program director for the Pueblo of Acoma and a CVNM Board Director, Theresa spoke to a gathering that included Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, Tribal leaders, and Trust for Public Land (TPL) representatives.

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We’ll keep you informed on our endorsements for pro-conservation candidates, legislative priorities, timely information on critical environmental issues and opportunities to take action to support our work to keep the air we breathe and the water we drink clean.

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Keep track of the stories that mean the most to New Mexican communities. Learn more about the priorities and issues that each part of the State faces. 

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Know the Score

The CVNM Scorecard is a cornerstone of our work to connect you to the issues that matter to you. It provides the information you need to determine whether your legislators are voting in line with your conservation values. The Scorecard also reveals the behind-the-scenes stories of what happens during legislative sessions.

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Celebrate the Champions

If a legislator voted in support of the pro-conservation position, his or her vote is recorded on the chart as a check mark ; votes against the conservation position are indicated with an . Through the years, many legislators have earned a score of 100% for their commitment to protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land where we live and play!

Learn About Our State Legislature

How does it work?

The 56th Legislature

The New Mexico state legislature is comprised of 42 senators and 70 representatives, for a total of 112 members. The Senate began the 2023 legislative session with 27 Democrats and 15 Republicans and the House of Representatives includes 25 Republicans, and 45 Democrats.

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Legislative Sessions

Our representatives meet in January and February each year for the legislative session. A legislature in New Mexico, such as the 56th Legislature, consists of two sessions split into two-year cycles. In odd-numbered years, legislators convene for a long session of 60 days. In even-numbered years, they meet for a short session of 30 days.

During a short session, only budget matters and issues approved by the governor may be considered. New Mexico legislative sessions are among the shortest in the country.

Citizen Legislature

New Mexico is one of only a handful of states that has a “citizen legislature,” meaning that our legislators do not receive a salary for their service. Most hold jobs outside of their work as public officials.

In fact, our state constitution prohibits any monetary compensation other than a modest allowance for mileage and expenses for attending sessions and interim committee meetings.

Introducing a Piece of Legislation

How Ideas Become Laws

A piece of legislation can be written by anyone and must be sponsored and introduced by a legislator. It must pass through a gauntlet of procedures, votes and systems. It’s important to know that each piece of legislation has the potential to completely change the way we live.

If you have an idea about a change you want to see in New Mexico, contact your legislators! 


Committees Recommend Legislation

A legislative committee is made up of a group of legislators that meet to study a bill and hold public hearings in order to recommend action to the entire legislative body. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of pieces of legislation are introduced at the NM State Legislature, but the 30-day or 60-day sessions don’t provide enough time for their full consideration by our 112 legislators. 

You can get involved with the committee process by contacting committee members on issues that matter to you, and even by offering public testimony during these sessions.

Third Readings and Floor Votes

The Final Stages of Legislation

If a piece of legislation receives a ‘Do Pass’ from all of its assigned committees, it moves to the final step of its legislative journey: Third Reading. Legislators vote to either pass or fail a bill by majority vote.

On rare occasions, legislators may ask that a bill be returned to a committee or referred to a new committee for further deliberation before a final vote is cast.

After a bill passes both the House and Senate, the bill is sent to the Governor’s desk. The Governor can sign the bill and it becomes law, or reject (veto) the bill.

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Representation matters. CVNM’s Board of Directors are from all over the state, from all backgrounds, coming together to meet the needs of our communities. 

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