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These are a few of the Provisions of the WIPP renewal permit:

  • The US Department of Energy (DOE)  will now be required to provide an annual report about the progress it has made toward establishing another repository for  radioactive waste in a state other than New Mexico
  • The NMED will exercise its power to close the site if Congress changes the limit on the amount of waste that can be disposed of at WIPP 
  • The DOE and its contractors will implement a new plan with a complete inventory of legacy waste around the U.S. for disposal at WIPP
  • The permit will include additional public notice and participation opportunities
  • The permit will also prioritize the removal of waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory to WIPP to help ensure that contamination at the Laboratory doesn’t reach the regional aquifer or downstream waters such as the Rio Grande

To read a press release on the WIPP Permit Provisions click here. For a full reading of the provisions, check out the NMED Fact Sheet.