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What we’re fighting for

What we're fighting for

We’re 10 days into the New Mexico Legislative session but CVNM’s work to conserve our clear air, water, land, wildlife and way of life began long ago.
For our environment, who we elect matters. Our work to put pro-conservation legislators in the House and Senate seats this session began prior to the June primary elections and thankfully, the 51st legislature represents hope in advancing protections for our Land of Enchantment.
To put it simply, CVNM may be able to go on the offensive for our environment this year, instead of just playing defense.
Critical safeguards of our natural heritage that New Mexicans depend on have been under attack in New Mexico under the current administration.
This blog is intended to show the political process through a green lens, explaining how measures will impact the environment we live in and how that will affect you and your family.