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We’re keeping score

By May 24, 2017November 1st, 2022Accountability

We’re Keeping Score

By Ben Shelton, Political & Legislative Director
CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard is the primary tool that we use to hold legislators accountable for their votes on critical legislation during each legislative session. During the course of the legislative session, we develop a legislative agenda with all of the bills that CVNM supports or opposes and circulate it to all of the legislators in the building. At the end of the session, we score the votes that legislators take on those bills both in committees and on the floor. The idea is to develop as accurate a picture as possible of each legislator’s support for legislation that impacts our air, land, water and wildlife.
In addition to the scores, we use the Conservation Scorecard as an opportunity to highlight legislators who go above and beyond during the session (keep an eye out for Representative Nathan Small!), issues that are driving the conservation conversation (such as the Renewable Portfolio Standard), as well as to note legislators who are failing to live up to the conservation values of the people who voted them into office (looking at you, Senator Clemente Sanchez).
As a valued CVNM member, you’ll be the first to receive the Conservation Scorecard in your inbox by late August. Remember to check on your Representative and Senator’s scores and let them know what you think of their actions to protect a healthy Land of Enchantment.