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Big Oil is trying to buy our public lands

By October 19, 2018Climate & Energy
How much is big oil willing to pay to buy the New Mexico State Land Office? As much as it takes.
According to recent campaign finance reports, oil and gas giant Chevron has cut a $2 million check payable to a political action committee that favors Land Commissioner candidate Pat Lyons.
Why is that a problem? For starters, Lyons has already been bought by big oil as evidenced by his record on the Public Regulation Commission and a previous stint in the State Land Office. The fact that Chevron is going to great lengths to help his chances guarantees that Lyons will be loyal to big oil if he is elected Land Commissioner again rather than to everyday New Mexicans like you and me.
The State Land Office performs many essential functions beyond managing state lands. The agency funds crucial institutions like public schools and hospitals, so we can’t afford to let an oil and gas megacorporation buy the agency out from under us.
We are facing an ever-changing climate that increasingly threatens our children’s future with each passing day. The last thing we need is a State Land Office that is beholden to special interests in the oil and gas industry.
There are 2 million reasons why you should click below to sign our petition telling Chevron and other large oil and corporations to keep their hands off New Mexico’s public lands!

Add your name to stand up to these shady attempts to buy our elected officials.

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