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Trump’s coming after solar – urge your senator to fight back

By February 8, 2018Climate & Energy, Legislature

Trump recently announced a 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels which make up most of what is installed in the United States. Leaders in New Mexico’s solar industry have said this will slow installations and kill good-paying jobs in our state. This vindictive tariff will also put solar energy out of the reach for many New Mexican families. Reinstating our state’s solar tax credits could help alleviate negative impacts from this federal tariff.
Senate Bill 79 sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart (and companion bills in the House) allows taxpayers to take up to a 10% tax credit for installing solar systems on homes and businesses. With the federal government doing everything it can to undercut the renewable energy industry, we need our state decision-makers to stand up and fight back. Urge your senator to support solar tax credits and local jobs.»
Solar energy is great for New Mexico. It reduces air and water pollution, improves public health and creates jobs. The solar tax credit will help make clean, renewable energy more affordable for more New Mexican families and keep our booming solar industry intact.
New Mexico has more clear sky days than Florida, the so-called the Sunshine State. We can be a true leader in renewable energy while diversifying our economy. Solar industry jobs in New Mexico grew by 54 percent just in the last year. Allowing people to take a tax credit will help lessen the blow Trump’s reckless solar tariff will have on installations and jobs and allow more New Mexican families access to clean, renewable energy. Send a message to your legislator today in support of New Mexico’s solar industry.»