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The Inflation Adjustment Act (IRA) is now law, with unprecedented funding for renewable energy production and manufacturing, public lands protections, oil and gas regulatory reform, and investments that reduce climate pollution across every sector of the economy. This includes funding directed at low-income and frontline communities to protect public health and invest in electrification and energy efficiency. If you haven’t yet – you can still sign our virtual thank you card to U.S. Senators Heinrich and Luján, and U.S. Representatives Leger Fernández and Stansbury now.>>

This moment is just the beginning of our journey to a clean energy future that all communities deserve. Now the work begins to limit the harm from the oil and gas leasing provisions in the bill, while also maximizing greenhouse gas pollution reductions, building out the clean energy economy, and supporting low-income and frontline communities. With action at the federal level comes renewed pressure on states to step up. Sign our petition calling on our state leaders to take this next step through climate action. >> [link to petition]

The long struggle to get federal climate action commensurate with the scale of the problem has challenged states to take bold action, reflected in New Mexico’s emergence as a national leader on climate under the Lujan Grisham Administration. The IRA’s unprecedented investment in climate and environmental justice can play a key role in leveraging New Mexico’s own commitments to act on climate and help accelerate them.

While the bill overall is not perfect, the IRA’s investments in climate and equity are an enormous win for New Mexicans. By leveraging this moment, we can address the climate crisis and protect our air, water, land and wildlife. We can ensure that New Mexico does its part to build a clean energy future that engages and protects frontline communities. We can preserve our diverse cultural heritage and create good-paying jobs in a diverse clean energy economy where our children and future generations can thrive.

Join us in leveraging this moment to call for further progress on the climate crisis.. Please sign our petition today calling on state leaders to take bold climate action. 

Thank you for supporting a thriving clean energy future,

Ben Shelton
CVNM Political & Policy Director

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Sign our petition calling on our state leaders to take this next step through climate action!

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