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This is What Your Legislators are Talking About

By February 17, 2014September 29th, 2022Climate & Energy, Legislature

utilitylineswebAfter a three and a half hour hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Saturday, the Roundhouse is a buzz about Senate Bill 283.
This bill is bad policy, plain and simple. SB 283 attempts to attract and retain economic development by taking the costs of providing power for larger businesses, and shifting them onto New Mexico’s working families and businesses. The bill would allow this to happen without oversight of the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) or any reasonable limit on how it will affect New Mexicans like you and me.
Senators are saying their vote on this bill is the most difficult vote they will cast this session. The bill could be heard on the Senate floor any day now and your Senator needs to hear from you. Call your Senator today and ask them to vote “NO” on SB 283 when it’s heard on the floor.>>
The potential for discounted utility rates for economic development already exists in state law. All SB 283 does is remove critical safeguards that protect existing ratepayers.
The bill removes the body that regulates utilities in New Mexico, the PRC, from the process. In fact, the bill does not give the PRC the authority to hold a hearing to determine if the rate agreement is in the public interest.
The bill also does not include a reasonable limitation on how much your utility rates could be increased to make up for the costs, or how deep of a discount utilities can give to companies.
We all support economic development, but it needs to be done in the right way. Call your Senator and ask them to protect New Mexican families and small businesses by voting “NO” on SB 283. Click here for talking points.>>