Yesterday, the conservation community demonstrated broad-based support for protecting New Mexico’s air, land, water and communities. We again saw the power of community members traveling to the State Capitol to express their views to their legislators. Citizens from communities impacted by uranium legacy waste in western New Mexico – Navajo, Acoma, Laguna and places in between – traveled six hours round trip to shared their stories with co-sponsors of HB 293, a bill that would tie cleanup money to new uranium mining and storage of radioactive waste. After their powerful work, the co-sponsors committed to not push the bill forward this session. Thank you to those who came and shared their stories. We’re so grateful to the funders of the Environmental Alliance of New Mexico, which made travel for nearly 20 people from far reaches of the state possible!

Thank you Dooda’ Desert Rock, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment, Elouise Brown, Elton Brown, Gilbert Dee Jr., Petuuch Gilbert, Gary Fastwolf, Shawn Jim, Laura Watchempino, June Lorenzo, Christine Lowery, Molly Houge, Maxine Jim, Emma Jean Hogue, Bertha Nez, Teracita Keyanna and Larry King for all you did and all you do everyday!

Thanks to Ariel Bickel, facilitator of the Environmental Alliance, for organizing such an amazing day.

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