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When President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law, it truly was an inspiring moment, but it is up to the states now to leverage the IRA’s opportunities and ensure we meet the challenge of the climate crisis.


     There is huge potential in the Act to spur innovative US-based clean energy manufacturing, provide support to communities disproportionately impacted by climate change and fossil fuel production and use, and make significant progress toward meeting our 2030 target for greenhouse gas reductions. As a compromise, however, the IRA fell short, and states must step up.


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     As we prepare for the next big policy push, the next few months will be critical. We’re in a sprint to keep a strong pro-conservation state Administration and Legislature in the November elections. There is so much at stake if anti-climate candidates step into elected office. The fossil fuel industry is trying to attack state progress by backing candidates who will stifle clean energy rulemaking and legislation, roll back the transition to a diversified economy that supports workers and communities, and ignore frontline Indigenous and other rural communities offering climate and transition solutions that work for them. 


     We are also fully engaged in the Legislature’s interim committee process, criss-crossing the state to help lay the groundwork for passing a bold, effective and durable climate change policy in the 2023 session. We are working with allies and the Administration on additional advanced clean cars and clean trucks rules that will improve air quality and bring us closer to a diversified clean energy economy. And we and our partners are advancing a uniquely New Mexican effort to protect 30% of our lands and waters by 2030 and help build climate resilient landscapes and a vibrant and accessible outdoor recreation economy.


     New Mexicans overwhelmingly support these goals, which represent long-held values built on protecting the air, land, water, wildlife and communities. Help resource this critical work. Your gift will make a difference in connecting New Mexicans to their political power to uphold these values.>>


     Thank you for your passion, your advocacy, and your ongoing support for a thriving and just clean energy future.


With gratitude,


Liz Lee

CVNM Director of Philanthropy

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