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Tell the Senate Conservation Committee to support SB 520

By March 6, 2023March 15th, 2023Climate & Energy, Legislature

Tell the Senate Conservation Committee to support SB 520
The Clean Future Act is the first step in codifying state climate action

Tomorrow morning, the state Senate Conservation Committee will hold the first hearing on the Clean Future Act (SB 520)please email the committee members and tell them to support this critical bill.

The bill, sponsored by Senate President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart, has three key provisions:

  • Codify the Oil Conservation Division methane waste rule
  • Add greenhouse gas emissions targets to the Air Quality Control Act that would give agencies, industries, and communities the clarity and consistency they need to plan to meet these targets, which also ensure New Mexico is on track to be a zero emission state by 2050
  • Establish equity and environmental justice reviews of climate change-related activities, including prioritizing disproportionately impacted communities, tribal consultation, and incorporation of traditional knowledge and experience

New Mexicans experience the effects of climate change through more explosive wildfires,  erratic rainfall and snowmelt that disrupts irrigation seasons and reservoir levels, and greater stresses on plants and animals that are changing our landscapes and the ways we use them.

The Clean Future Act is critical to ensure New Mexico continues its significant progress from the past four years through statewide climate action across all agencies and economic sectors. There is still much work to do, but the process leading up to and during this session has revealed a broad and diverse movement that is ready for economy-wide climate action.

Senate Conservation Committee Members

Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics  – SD 39, Chair

Antoinette Sedillo Lopez  – SD 16, Vice Chair

David M. Gallegos  – SD 41, Ranking Member

Joseph Cervantes  – SD 31

Carrie Hamblen  – SD 38

Steven P. Neville  – SD 2

Harold Pope  – SD 23

Gregg Schmedes  – SD 19

William P. Soules  – SD 37

 Please email the Senate Conservation Committee members now and urge them to support SB 520. Ask them to help us meet our zero emission goals in ways that center communities most impacted by climate pollution, diversify our economy, create new workforce opportunities, and protect all we hold dear for future generations.