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Spring 2016 Director’s Message

By May 13, 2016November 1st, 2022Press Releases

Demis Foster

Director’s Message

Spring 2016

In the past three years, CVNM’s family of organizations has been through significant expansion, and our focus on the core efforts of legislative advocacy and holding our leaders accountable remains strong.
Our programs have expanded to include more dynamic organizing work, with local organizers in indigenous, rural and Latino communities. We completed a thorough statewide analysis of our political program in order to strategically work towards deepening our scope and reach. We are undergoing an intensive process to transform the culture of our organization to be sustainable, more holistic and collaborative in all of our work, from creating program plans and building budgets to coaching and mentoring staff. Our board of directors and staff have also become more diverse, representing more fully our state’s communities and the many distinct geographic areas of New Mexico.
Right now, we are engaged in profound conversations with one another about our values as an organization. What we all agree upon is how deeply we care for our unique communities in New Mexico, and the interconnectedness between air, land, water, wildlife and people.
We have made an organizational commitment to expand our stated conservation values to include the dismantling of environmental racism and the promotion of environmental justice. We are committed to authentically partnering with communities, providing the tools and resources necessary for people to create the vision they seek for their own community.
In the midst of all this change, one thing has remained constant, and always will: CVNM is going to hold anti-conservation decision-makers accountable, and fiercely support pro-conservation leaders. CVNM’s political program is on pace to have our strongest, most powerful year of electoral work ever. After advocating full-time and creating space for community voices through an intense legislative session, we are determined to focus in 2016 on increasing the number of pro- conservation champions in both chambers of the New Mexico legislature.
Our commitment to diversity, inclusivity and equity is both complementary and essential to strengthening our electoral and legislative power. As we enter the heart of this pivotal election year, we want to express our gratitude to our extended conservation family and supporters like you.
Thanks for being a Conservation Voter. With deepest gratitude –