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Speak Up for Environmental Justice in NM’s State Implementation of the Clean Power Plan

By September 28, 2015September 29th, 2022Democracy, Climate & Energy

Something big happened this summer – the U.S. set the first-ever national limits on harmful carbon pollution that power plants spew into the air.iStock_000010582663_web
The EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) is the biggest step forward our country has taken yet to combat climate change, and we have an incredible opportunity in New Mexico to take the strongest actions possible to tackle climate change.
Cutting carbon pollution on the state level will improve our families’ health, especially in communities of color where people are most affected. Gov. Martinez will have the last say about what goes into New Mexico’s state plan, and you can bet she’s already hearing from the oil and gas, coal and nuclear industries about the plan. But we can’t let them dominate the conversation. Our governor needs to hear from you. Will you join me in asking Gov. Martinez to implement a strong state plan that transitions us to clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar, and listen to the needs of our communities? Make sure she implements a state Clean Power Plan that reflects the strong conservation values of New Mexicans like you.>>
We know that our addiction to dirty energy is fueling climate change, leading to more extreme weather, and worsening smog pollution that is plaguing our communities and our health. We also know that clean energy not only helps to combat both climate change and threats to our public health, but it creates good jobs and helps boost our economy. That’s why the CPP is such an exciting opportunity to develop more clean energy, like wind and solar, and implement strong policies to tackle climate change.
The Martinez administration continues to ignore the very real impacts of climate change that New Mexicans are dealing with – and is planning to double down on an “all of the above” dirty state energy plan. From including nuclear energy in a renewable energy standard to preempting local control of industry to encouraging coal exports, the Martinez administration clearly puts industry profits over the health and well-being of all New Mexicans – and disregards the legacy of negative impacts these industries have on our families and communities. We cannot allow this faulty plan to guide New Mexico’s Clean Power Plan away from cutting dangerous carbon pollution. Tell Gov. Martinez that you don’t agree with her administration’s energy priorities and insist that she represent all New Mexicans when implementing the Clean Power Plan in our state.>>
Back in March, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent a letter to every governor telling them to ignore the CPP. We can’t allow our governor to only hear refusals to act from those backed by polluters. New Mexico is poised to ramp up clean energy production, but Gov. Susana Martinez may not act quickly on this opportunity. So that’s why we need to speak up and make sure that Gov. Martinez understands that we, her constituents, see this as an important opportunity to protect our health and our future by planning to transition to a clean energy economy.
Make sure our governor is on board: Fight climate change. Work for a better tomorrow. Craft a state plan under the Clean Power Plan that shifts away from our reliance on dirty energy sources, like coal and nuclear.
The coming months are critical in our fight against climate change as each state will come up with its plan to curb its carbon pollution and work for healthier communities and a safer climate. So thanks for taking action and telling our governor what you want to see in New Mexico’s state Clean Power Plan.