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Proposal to Create Jobs in New Mexico’s Growing Renewable Energy Sector Clears its First Hurdle in NM Legislature

By February 28, 2017November 29th, 2022Climate & Energy, Legislature, Press Releases

For Immediate Release
Santa Fe, N.M. — Today, the Renewable Energy Requirements for Utilities bill (SB 312, Stewart/Small) passed the Senate Conservation Committee on a 6-3 vote. The legislation would increase the renewable portfolio standard (RPS), a state policy that requires utilities to purchase a minimum amount of their electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind, bringing it up to 80 percent renewable electricity by 2040.
“Now is the time for New Mexico to double down and play to our strengths to create homegrown jobs that allow New Mexicans to get ahead. Investing in renewable energy supports emerging sectors that have proven successful in job creation and economic development,” said Ben Shelton, CVNM Legislative Director.
“With our abundant sunshine and wind, the Land of Enchantment should be a national leader in renewable energy. We applaud our Senators for supporting renewable energy, which reduces pollution, improves health, and creates jobs all at the same time.”
“Renewable portfolio standards have proven to work nationwide in accelerating the growth of clean energy, which we must do to stop global warming. By passing this bill, we can proudly tell our children that we acted to preserve a livable climate for them,” said Tom Solomon co-coordinator of
New Mexico is the second sunniest state in the country and twelfth windiest.[1] New Mexico should be a national leader of clean renewable energy, yet states like New Jersey, Massachusetts and Kansas harness more renewable energy than New Mexico. The current Renewable Portfolio Standard ends in 2020. We need to extend the standard to keep moving New Mexico forward.  83% of New Mexicans want more renewable energy in the state.[2]
The Environmental Alliance of New Mexico, a coalition of more than 30 conservation, environmental justice and social justice groups, endorsed this legislation as one of five issues on its Common Agenda for the 2017 Legislative Session.


Contact: Sanders Moore, Environment New Mexico at 404-276-0946 or
Tom Solomon, at 505-328-0619 or
Liliana Castillo, CVNM at 575-219-9619 or
[1] National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Potential Electricity Generation.
[2] Colorado College Conservation in the West 2017 Poll,