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Faith based organizing is about people, and NM CAFé aspires to create a culture of support that empowers New Mexicans to act on their own behalf towards a better quality of life.

NM CAFé believes that our organization’s source of power comes from our base.

We believe that our base is made up of directly impacted people, people of faith deeply rooted in justice and each other, who will lead the fight to shift New Mexico politics.

We believe that our organizers and our leaders have a clear racial and economic analysis that informs our political imaginations.

We believe in a culture of formation, investment, and leadership development for our leaders, our staff, and our board of directors.

We believe in continuous self reflection and accountability, and that we each are responsible for our own growth.

NM CAFé has been a crucial actor in the political landscape in southern New Mexico creating a “land of opportunity” by challenging our elected leaders to put the needs of families and the common good of New Mexico first. At the helm of our efforts are strong leaders who have played a pivotal role in healing the state and restoring people’s confidence in a responsive government that promotes opportunity for all.