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New Mexico Voices for Children (NM Voices) was founded in 1987 by three pediatricians. Led by Dr. Robert Greenberg, the group sought a way to change the root causes of poor child well-being — causes like poverty, inadequate nutrition, violence, pollution, and homelessness. They knew that such entrenched problems would only be solved by changing the systems that perpetuated them. These systems include underfunded schools, the prevalence of low-wage jobs, wage theft by unscrupulous employers, unchecked predatory lending, substandard housing, and the criminalization of drug use, among others. Changing these systems requires educating lawmakers and other leaders about the problems and their solutions, and then holding them accountable.

Thirty-plus years later, NM Voices, a nonpartisan, statewide advocacy organization, still works to create systems-level sustainable change to improve the lives of New Mexico’s children.

NM Voices’ mission is to improve the status, well-being and racial/ethnic equity of New Mexico’s children, families, and communities in the areas of health, education, and economic security by promoting public policies through credible research and effective advocacy.