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Building a Thriving New Mexico.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Center for Civic Policy (CCP) is a nonpartisan tax-exempt 501c3 organization that works to empower and amplify the voices of everyday New Mexicans, especially those who experience oppression, to shape a more inclusive, responsive, and accountable democracy ––using a racial, gender, class, and equity lens to build transformative power through collective responsibility and build thriving communities in New Mexico.

In collaboration with local and national partners, we work to increase voter participation and turnout, identifying and training new leaders for civic life.

As the convener of the NM Civic Engagement Table, we also work to incubate campaigns and foster strategic partnerships, rooted in the power and experience of multiracial, LGBTQ+, and historically and systematically excluded communities, activists, and organizers, ensuring intersectional, cross-movement power-building strategies and grassroots organizing, to achieve a more just and equitable New Mexico where everyone can live in their full dignity.

The Center for Civic Policy is nationally recognized as an innovator in the civic engagement sector with a proven track record of developing effective strategies for connecting underrepresented communities to the public policy process and thereby leveraging change.