CVNM Board Director

Larry McDaniel is a veterinarian and he makes his home in Silver City, New Mexico.

Larry and his wife Chris built a successful mixed animal practice in Western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. After selling the practice, Dr. McDaniel spent the rest of his career in industry, including a 17-year stint as a marketing executive for Nestle Purina Pet Care in St. Louis, Missouri.

As an undergraduate studying wildlife biology at the University of Montana, Larry developed a lifelong love of the outdoors. His first backpacking trip, over 40 years ago, was in the Gila Wilderness. Over the years, he and his wife and children have criss-crossed the Gila and Black Range many times.

Larry was on the Governing Council of the Aldo Leopold High School in Silver City for four years. During his tenure the council completed a long range strategic plan. He also served as a mentor for students on field trips to Costa Rica and on several backpacking trips in the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness areas.

Larry and his wife are avid cyclists and love to travel throughout the west with their bikes. His other interests include hunting, fishing, birding and native plant identification and cultivation.