Campaigns & Civic Engagement Director

John joined CVNM as a Campaign & Civic Engagement Associate in September of 2021. He brings over a decade of organizing and campaign experience to help build out and expand CVNM’s ability to engage members and the public with the decision-making process. Organizing and campaign work has been the common thread that unifies his experience and highlights his values. He believes fully in the power of people organizing and mobilizing to effect change.

John joined his first campaign in 2008, organizing volunteers for Barack Obama in Alaska. He spent some years in Washington D.C. obtaining a Master of Public Policy, and then moved to Michigan to support his partner entering law school. In Michigan he joined the 100% grass-roots Voters Not Politicians anti-gerrymandering campaign of 2018 and helped organize the massive canvassing project that led to a victory in passing an anti-gerrymandering ballot initiative. John also worked with the League of Conservation Voters in 2020, virtually organizing members of the environmental community in support of House and Senate candidates in Arizona.

John moved to New Mexico in 2019 and has wholeheartedly embraced the landscape, environments, and the people. He has an ancestral connection to Northern New Mexico through family that moved from Espanola to Salida, Colorado in the early 20th century. Now John is putting down roots in New Mexico, and he is dedicating himself to fight for environmental and social justice.