Community Membership Manager  

Gina Montoya joined CVNM in January 2024.  Gina brings a warm and inclusive approach to her role.  Gina prefers the pronouns she, her, ella.

A proud Native New Mexican with family history deeply rooted in the state.  Gina‘s connection to the land and its traditions runs generations deep.  Her grandfather, a WWII veteran and farmer, and father the President of the Rio Arriba Soil and Water Conservation, instilled the significance of acequias and the importance of water which is a vital part of her family’s legacy. Although born in Los Alamos, NM, Gina grew up in Espanola, NM surrounded by family. She ventured to Los Angeles, CA for design school, earning a BFA in Design and Marketing.  Eventually, the pull of her roots brought her back to New Mexico.
With a background in education and a mentor, she champions the importance of amplifying community voices and ensuring their needs are not only heard but met. Gina wears multiple hats, running a freelance hair and makeup business. Always keeping in mind her two sons and striving to make the world a better place for them to grow and thrive. In her spare time Gina enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, or spending time with loved ones. With two basketball loving sons, she stays on her toes, and loves the energy they bring to her life.