Director of Culture & Equity

Arturo joined CVNM in October 2022 as Program Associate before being promoted to the Director of Culture & Equity. They have lived in the South Valley for the past 20 years and from the age of 13 they’ve made it a priority to be a community organizer and social justice advocate who has focused on various issues such as immigration, education, LGBTQ+, diversity, equity & inclusion. Arturo began their activist journey through joining New Mexico youth advocacy groups such as Generation Justice and the New Mexico Youth Alliance (under the New Mexico Forum for Youth in Community). Through their participation in these groups Arturo learned the importance of working alongside state Senators and Representatives to be involved in the decision-making taking place at the local government level. Arturo graduated from Cornell College in 2017 with a B.A. in Psychology & Spanish and a minor in Civic Engagement.

Before joining CVNM, Arturo was the Program Coordinator & Albuquerque Tutor Coordinator with the New Mexico Simon Scholars Program under the Simon Charitable Foundation. This was the first scholarship Arturo received while in High School. Arturo also worked as the Alumni & Families Outreach Coordinator at South Valley Academy (their former High School) under the Kellogg Foundation.