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Not a moderate

By September 25, 2017September 29th, 2022Democracy
Published in the Santa Fe New Mexican
I read with entertainment Republican Congressman Steve Pearce’s My View (“A campaign for all New Mexicans,” Aug. 12). Pearce tried to convince us all he is a reasonable person willing to work with people from all backgrounds. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
Pearce is a member of the hardline conservative House Freedom Caucus, and scored a 0 percent in the most recent League of Conservation Voters’ scorecard which tracks conservation votes in Congress. With a lifetime score of just four, he has been a loud voice in Congress blocking key environmental protections and actively working to roll back our nation’s landmark conservation laws. Pearce stated as early as April 2016 that he would support Donald Trump in his bid for the White House. Pearce is no moderate or centrist. Pearce is a far-right wing extremist and the wrong choice for New Mexico.
Ben Shelton
Political and Legislative Director
Conservation Voters New Mexico
Santa Fe