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Monthly Giving Spotlight: Betsy and Sam Holdsworth, for the love of big skies and wide open spaces

By May 24, 2017November 1st, 2022Press Releases

Monthly Giving Spotlight:
Betsy and Sam Holdsworth, for the love of big skies and wide open spaces

Betsy and Sam Holdworth

Betsy Holdsworth turned 18 on a visit to the Navajo lands in northwestern New Mexico. With many horses and few people, this was an experience in raw, breathtaking beauty and dark nights, solitude and wilderness.
A decade later she returned with her husband and first child. She saw signs of ostensible prosperity along the I-40 corridor that came at a price. The once clear skies were grey with the toxic discharge spewing from the Four Corners coal-fired power plant. The experience was deeply distressing and became a personal wake up call to the urgency of environmental protection.
She and Sam raised their three children in northern New Mexico and now live with the changing seasons in the Gila Wilderness. They believe that experiencing New Mexico’s beauty comes with a responsibility to protect it, and that supporting CVNM is a great way to do that. Through visits with key staff, timely actions and updates, the Holdsworths realized the impact they could have on legislation effecting the health of our communities.
Betsy and Sam know that CVNM pushes all decision makers, regardless of party, to do more for a healthy Land of Enchantment. With our annual Conservation Scorecard and rigorous endorsement standards, they know that we will hold all New Mexico lawmakers and candidates to an objectively strong conservation standard.
In the era of Trump and Martinez, there is so much power in voter education, diligent tracking and accountability to change behaviors and enact smart regulations. They have seen the backhanded prosperity of boom-and-bust dirty energy production, and know that we need creative solutions to diversify New Mexico’s economy without trashing its fragile beauty.
That is why Sam and Betsy Holdsworth are dedicated monthly supporters of CVNM. Regular contributions let us plan long term to protect New Mexico’s air, land, water and all communities by advancing responsible public policies.
Sign up as a CVNM monthly donor today at Together we can continue an impeccable record of defense and push New Mexico to become a leader in environmental justice and smart conservation policy.
Questions? Please contact Aviva Crichton at or 505.992.8683.