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Acequias & Land Grants

Acequias are community ditches or irrigation canals that are essential to northern New Mexican agricultural tradition and culture. Any proposed legislation that has the potential to positively or negatively impact acequia function or culture — usually pertaining to land use or water law – will be included in this issue category.
Land grants were formally recognized as political subdivisions of the state in 2004. Any proposed legislation believed to positively or negatively impact efforts to preserve communal land grants and their natural resources will be included in this category.

Land Use & Growth

This is another broad category that will include a large number of topics that fall under multiple issue areas. Any policy or legislation proposing changes to real estate and development law, planning and zoning powers, annexation authority, building construction, etc., will fall under this category.


All aspects of transportation policy, including road construction, public transportation, regulation of vehicle traffic, transportation fuels and more will be included under this category.


Mining has serious impacts on our air, land and water in New Mexico. Our state has been home to mines since the late 1800’s and this is an issue we deal with to this day. For example, the Roca Honda Uranium Mine has been proposed near sacred Mount Taylor, northeast of Grants. This would be the first operational mine in New Mexico in decades.