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From the water we drink to the air we breathe, the decisions made by our elected officials across the state can impact all of us in different ways.
Our work covers a myriad of topics and we’ve gathered them into general issue areas. Many topics will fall into more than one issue area.


Air quality is a significant and growing concern in New Mexico. Experts link exposure to air pollutants to many adverse health effects, including exacerbation of asthma symptoms, diminished lung function, birth deformities, cardiovascular disease and childhood cancer. [read more…]


This is a broad category that will cover many topics and issues we work on such as acequias and land grants, land use and growth, transportation, mining, and more. [read more…]


Whether its water quality, water quantity or supply, New Mexicans know that water is key to future of our state. water use and conservation. [read more…]

Climate & Energy

This is a broad category, covering all manner of energy production, from fossil fuels and nuclear to solar, wind and biomass and how these impact our climate. It also covers the growing fields of energy efficiency, transmission, and regulation. [read more…]

Effective Government

Effective government refers to the way in which elected officials exercise their political authority to serve their constituencies. Good governance with respect to the environment requires that decisions are made and implemented using legitimate , transparent, participatory, responsive and equitable processes to achieve effective policies that protect New Mexico’s communities and natural resources.This issues also includes regulation and enforcement. [read more…]

Hazardous Wastes, Toxics & Solid Waste

This issue category includes any policies that may encourage, regulate or deregulate the use or release of toxic chemicals or hazardous wastes into our communities or natural environment. This category also includes any policies or funding related to solid waste, landfills, and/or recycling in any form. [read more…]

People & Health

The majority of the issues we work on affect people and the health of our families. This is a broad category that includes environmental justice and recreation. [COMING SOON]

Wildlife & Wilderness

New Mexicans have a powerful connection to our land and wildlife and have demonstrated our commitment to protecting our heritage and legacy over and over again. This category is focused on policies that impact animals, including habitat availability, population and mortality, and predator issues. [read more…]