Ryan Flynn, former secretary of the New Mexico Environment Department, is banned by state law from lobbying his former agency for a year, but there is no limit on his lobbying the Legislature.

The New Mexico Government Conduct Act says the following:

“or a period of one year after leaving government service or employment, a former public officer or employee shall not represent for pay a person before the state agency or local government agency at which the former public officer or employee served or worked.”

There is no prohibition against Ryan lobbying other state agencies, although the NMED is the lead enforcer of laws and regulations governing the drilling of oil and gas. Ryan’s new job is with the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association.

The Conservation Voters of New Mexico issued the following statement following announcement of Flynn’s hiring at the energy lobbying group:

“This move by Ryan Flynn confirms what his tenure as Secretary of the Environment Department suggested: Ryan Flynn is most interested in protecting oil and gas industry profits without any consideration for negative impacts on New Mexican families. This move validates the position of every advocate and elected official who opposed Flynn’s appointment in the first place, and is a damning testament to the misplaced priorities of Governor Susana Martinez, who thought Flynn was right for the job in the first place.”