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How can you protect New Mexico this session? Here’s a start.

By February 22, 2016April 29th, 2022Legislature

The legislative session began on Tuesday with Gov. Martinez’ State of the State speech. We heard what her top priorities will be for the upcoming session.
The 2016 session is a 30-day session, dedicated to passing the budget. Only the governor has the power to allow bills

The first step to getting involved is to be informed! Visit to find out what bills that impact our air, land and water are working their way through the legislative process during the 2016 session.

on other issues to be worked on during the session. Often, at the behest of polluting industries, Gov. Martinez has allowed attacks on common-sense safeguards to be included. With the support of New Mexicans like you, we’re on alert for any possible attacks on the things we all need to lead healthy lives – like a clean, renewable energy economy, the right of small communities to make their own decisions about oil and gas activity, and cleanup of toxic industrial messes.
We New Mexicans recognize how lucky we are to live in the Land of Enchantment. Breathtaking landscapes, blue skies, abundant wildlife, and a budding renewable energy economy make New Mexico a great place to raise our families. But decisions that affect our air, land, water, wildlife and the health of our communities are often decided at the New Mexico Legislature in a way that makes it difficult for the average citizen to find out what is going on.
Our powerful website and database, Protect New Mexico, is here to help keep you in the loop. Protect New Mexico is your window into the decision-making process. Visit today.
Updates on new legislation will be added to the site as bills are filed and analyzed. If you set up your own Protect New Mexico account, you can select to receive email updates about measures you care about as they move through the policy-making process.
As New Mexicans, we know that when we protect our air, land and water, we protect our economy, our communities and our future. Together, we can create a sustainable economy that preserves New Mexico’s air, land and water and bring good paying jobs to our state. Every single legislative session, CVNM works to ensure that the needs of every day New Mexicans like you are represented in debates about public policy – from water protections to mining regulations to land management.
We can’t do this work without you. As a Conservation Voter, yours is the voice we’re working to elevate in this process, and whichever environmental issue you’re most passionate about – there will be an opportunity to get involved.
You can get started right now by exploring and get ready to take action to protect our air, land, water and communities!