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HB 155 signed by Gov. Martinez today

By April 7, 2015Democracy, Legislature

A win for transparency in New Mexico today as Gov. Martinez signed HB 155 Lobbyist Employer Registration, sponsored by Rep. Steinborn, into law.
HB 155 originally increased transparency by strengthening the reporting and disclosure requirements for lobbyists. The bill would have also required lobbyist employers to report the sum total of all estimated lobbying expenses—including lobbyist compensation and expenditures—supplemented by a report of actual expenses incurred during the reporting period.
Our impressive allies over at Common Cause NM agreed to amendments that would keep the bill alive and shepherded the bill through the legislative process with nearly unanimous support.
This bill was amended to require the Secretary of State to maintain lobbyist registrations and reports in searchable and downloadable formats, publish lobbyist registrations within five days, retain lobbyist records online for 10 years and increases lobbyist registration fees from $25 to $50. CVNM remained supportive.
HB 155 passed the House (63-0) and passed the Senate (32-4) and was signed by Gov. Martinez on April 7, 2015.