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Gov. Martinez pocket vetoes solar tax credit

By April 16, 2015Climate & Energy

Despite hundreds of calls and emails from conservationists across the state, Gov. Martinez failed to sign SB 391, which would have extended New Mexico’s solar tax credit. This after it passed both the House and Senate with bipartisan support.
Yet again, Gov. Martinez’s veto of SB 391 shows that she is out of step with the values of New Mexicans. The recent bipartisan Conservation in the West poll found that 62% of New Mexicans view renewable energy industries as one of the most important to the state’s future economy.
Tell Gov. Martinez that you expect her to support solar energy and all the environmental and health benefits that it provides to all New Mexicans. Tell her that you’re disappointed in her veto of SB 391.
Solar energy is great for New Mexicans for many reasons. It reduces air and water pollution, improves public health and creates jobs. The solar tax credit has proven to be successful, assisting the booming local industry to grow 73% from 2012 to 2013.
Gov. Martinez talks a lot about jobs, but when presented with an opportunity to support one of the fastest growing, job-creating industries in the state – she chose to put the private profits of corporate campaign contributors over clean air for our children to breathe.
Gov. Martinez continues to champion polluting industries, who view the renewable energy industry as a threat to their bottom line. After the 2014 elections, Gov. Martinez and corporate special interests thought they had a clear pathway for stopping pro-conservation legislation – but it turns out they were wrong. CVNM, our allies and supporters like you were able to get SB 391 across the legislative finish line and into the Governor’s hands. That’s when she put her biggest campaign contributors’ interests ahead of yours.
Together, we can chip away at polluting industries’ influence over Gov. Martinez. By speaking out today, we will show the Governor that there is a network of active, engaged and fired-up constituents who are paying attention and who will hold her accountable every time she sides with polluters and votes against the environment. But the only way to make this impact is to join forces and speak out RIGHT NOW.
Now’s the time for us to hold her accountable for her decision to veto SB 391. Send Gov. Martinez a message now.