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Governor Martinez is leaving New Mexico in the dust

As a New Mexican, you see the effects of climate change on a daily basis. We are gripped by a historic drought—the worst in the nation—which threatens the very livelihood of our communities, families and economy. Erratic wildfires, fueled by climate change, have resulted in catastrophic damage and loss of property and life.
We’re ready for action and we need state policies to curb climate-change-inducing carbon emissions, that will better prepare us for increasing climate impacts; and promote job creation in the growing market for clean and more efficient energy technologies.
There are states whose leaders are reaching out to the federal government and pledging their states’ support of President Obama’s climate action plan. Fourteen governors penned a letter to the president, pledging their cooperation and requesting that the federal government work with states to implement that plan.
Governor Martinez was not on that list. Even though our towns are running out of water and our public lands are charred black, Governor Martinez refuses to take action to combat the growing threats posed by climate change.
We cannot stand idly by as our state is ravaged by the worst effects of climate change. Tell Governor Martinez that you support action on climate change and are enraged that she didn’t sign the letter.>>
As the governors said in their letter, too many still refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific consensus of human-caused climate change, and the devastating impacts of climate change in our state are all too real.
New Mexico is ground zero for climate change impacts and we must demand that our leaders take action to fight it.
Thank you for being a Conservation Voter!
Liliana, Communications Manager