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Good Idea, Bad Execution

By February 10, 2014September 29th, 2022Climate & Energy, Legislature

There are nine days left in the legislative session. We’re throwing everything we have into the biggest fight of the session, and we need your help.
HB 296 Economic Development Utility Rates would shift costs for economic development utility expansion (such as sprawl development) to other ratepayers, like you and me. Utility companies would negotiate discounted utility rates under the guise of attracting businesses to New Mexico. But here’s the catch: the utilities would be allowed to increase utility rates for families and small businesses to make up for the discount, which is more money out of your pocket and into the hands of polluting industries. Are you scratching your head too?
HB 296 will be heard on the House floor within the next day or two, and your  Representative needs to hear from you. Ask your Representative to stand up for you and NM small businesses, and vote NO on HB 296.>>
The potential for discounted utility rates for economic development currently exists in state law. All HB 296 (and its companion bill in the Senate, SB 283) does is remove two critical safeguards that protect existing ratepayers.
The bill removes the body that regulates utilities in New Mexico, the Public Regulation Commission, from the process. In fact, the bill does not give the PRC the authority to hold a hearing to determine if the rate agreement is in the public interest.
The bill also does not include any limitation on how much your utility rates could be increased to make up for the costs.
We all want economic development, but it needs to be done in the right way. Call your Representative and ask them to protect New Mexican families and small businesses. Click here for talking points.>>