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We know the reason you support climate and conservation work isn’t for the tax deduction – but supporting CVNM’s work through an Individual Retirement Account can benefit you as well as the landscapes and communities of New Mexico.

If you have an IRA and still need (or want) to take a distribution before the end of the year, please consider gifting that amount directly to CVNM. Because CVNM is a nonprofit, that gift is completely tax free if you direct the distribution straight to CVNM (or the CVNM Education Fund).

Everyone over age 72 must take a required minimum distribution (RMD), or pay up to a 50% excise tax on this amount. That distribution effectively increases your Adjusted Gross Income and, therefore, your tax bill. If you don’t itemize your taxes, making direct gifts from your IRA provides a way to add to the standard deduction by gifting pre-tax assets completely tax-free. And, you reduce the balance in your IRA, thereby lowering the amount of future RMDs. Win-Win!

So if you’re fortunate enough to NOT need this income to live on, you can put it to great use by supporting CVNM’s fierce advocacy to protect New Mexico’s air, land, water, wildlife and communities.

Have questions? I’m happy to help. Please email me at, include your phone number if you’d like a call, and let’s talk about how to set up a win-win situation for you and for New Mexico’s landscape and people.

If you’ve made a gift recently, thank you! And thanks for being a Conservation Voter!

With gratitude,

Liz Lee
CVNM Director of Philanthropy

PS – You can also roll over an amount through a Charitable IRA Rollover. IRA owners age 70½ or older may gift up to $100,000 annually from an IRA to a nonprofit, tax-free!

Gifts made through IRA distribution still qualify for our dollar-for-dollar match, through December 31st!

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