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Don’t leave your PRC commissioner’s vote up to chance

By May 22, 2015September 29th, 2022Climate & Energy

CVNM members and supports have made it clear that they support investing in clean air and a clean energy economy for our state. Recently, over 100 New Mexicans greeted PNM’s shareholders at their recent annual meeting to protest the utility’s plan to replace retiring coal energy by reinvesting in coal, importing nuclear from out of state and ignoring the opportunity to invest in more renewables like solar and wind. And nearly 650 CVNM members and supporters have already sent messages to the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) commissioners urging that they oppose the plan for the same reasons. Thank you to those who made your voice heard.
Now you might be asking, why are we ringing the activism alarm bells again?
Because a final vote from the PRC could happen any day now – and we can’t afford to lose momentum at this critical point. If we want PRC commissioners to do the right thing, we’ve got to keep up the pressure. Our only chance to win this fight is if the thousands of New Mexicans who care about our clean energy future speak out today.
Tell your PRC commissioner: Reject PNM’s dirty energy replacement power plan now. Here’s a link to send a message to each commissioner:
Commissioner Karen Montoya – District 1
Commissioner Pat Lyons – District 2
Commissioner Valerie Espinoza – District 3
Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy – District 4
Commissioner Sandy Jones – District 5
Not sure who your PRC Commissioner is? You can find out here.
Since January, it’s become clear to many that PNM’s replacement power plan is a bad deal for New Mexicans. The City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, Bernalillo County, and the City of Albuquerque – which together represent approximately 80% of PNM’s rate base – agreed, and that’s why they have come out against PNM’s plan.
The hearing examiner – the person who compiles all the evidence and presents the PRC with an official recommendation – said the plan “is not in the public interest” and in fact “puts tax payers at risk.”
Consensus is clearly building. PNM needs to go back to the drawing board to come up with a different plan that invests in a future that all of us can be proud of.  We’re depending on the PRC to ensure that PNM, as our state’s largest utility, leads the way in developing our abundant renewable resources of wind and solar energy.
The PRC still makes the ultimate decision on the plan and it will happen soon. Tell your PRC commissioner that you want them to move New Mexico forward into the clean energy future you deserve. Urge them to reject PNM’s plan.>>
We need to show PNM and the PRC that New Mexicans want a healthier future. How PNM provides our energy will affect our health – across the state – for decades. Wind and solar are not only cleaner than coal and nuclear – they are also cost-effective, making them all-around better choices for our state’s energy investments.
This decision belongs to all of us. Have you made your voice heard? Send your PRC commissioner a message today.