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CVNM’s Legislative Priorities

By January 31, 2016May 11th, 2022Priorities, Legislature

As New Mexicans, we know that when we protect our air, land and water, we protect our economy, our communities and our future. Each session, Conservation Voters New Mexico’s legislative team identifies bills that, if passed, could have significant impacts on our air, land and water. With the 30-day session underway, we’ve released our 2016 Legislative Agenda. This is the slate of pro-conservation bills that we support and the anti-conservation bills that we oppose.

Learn about CVNM’s 2016 Legislative Priorities

Visit to read the full list.>>

To find out how the measures introduced in New Mexico’s legislature could impact your family and community, access our Legislative Priorities on our website at>>
The deadline to file bills is February 3. We’ll update our list of priorities again after that day, so check back often!
Our citizen legislators depend on hearing from their constituents about what matters most to them. Do you support more tax breaks for the oil and gas industry? What do you think about New Mexico being home to yet another nuclear waste storage facility next door to the troubled Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)? These are both real examples of issues being considered by legislators right now.
We urge you to make your voice heard by contacting your State Senator and Representative to let them know that you’ve got our agenda in hand, you’re watching their votes, and you’re counting on their support for a clean and healthy environment. As New Mexicans we know that when we protect our air, land and water – we protect our economy, our families and our communities.
If you’d like to read more in-depth about legislative measures that could impact our environment, visit our sister organization CVNM Education Fund’s searchable database of all the environmental bills at
Read the first edition of CVNM’s 2016 Legislative Priorities to learn more about important legislation affecting your air, land water and communities.>>