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Conservation Voters New Mexico and Plaintiff Larry King Joint Statement Regarding Rep. Sandra Jeff’s Comments on the Court Case Challenging Her Nominating Petitions

By April 2, 2014November 29th, 2022Legislature, Press Releases, Campaigns & Elections

(Santa Fe, NM) – Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) Executive Director Demis Foster and plaintiff Larry King released this joint statement in response to Rep. Sandra Jeff’s comments on the court case challenging her nominating petitions.
CVNM and Larry King, a resident of House District 5, embarked on the lawsuit to ensure that all public officials play by the rules.
“This is about ensuring a fair process and making sure no one gets a free pass moving forward,” King said. “This is Rep. Jeff’s fourth election. She should know how to gather signatures in compliance with the law.”
In response to Rep. Jeff’s allegations of racism, King and CVNM point out that the other two candidates in the race are Navajo, and the suit was brought by a Navajo constituent.
“Rep. Jeff broke the rules by not providing enough valid signatures from eligible voters, and we support the plaintiff Larry King in seeking justice,” says Demis Foster, CVNM Executive Director. “This is about protecting the civic process and promoting democracy.”
Rep. Jeff’s comments express concern about proper representation for the constituents of House District 5; however she has done little to support her community’s attempts to clean up legacy uranium waste that impacts their air, land, water, and health.
Rep. Jeff is an extreme anti-conservation legislator, exemplified by her lifetime score of 52% on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard. Her 2013 Conservation Score was 31%. More details about her anti-conservation positions are available at
Contact: Liliana Castillo, 505-992-8683 or Liliana@CVNM.og