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[Take Action] Tell Koch-funded agents that NM won’t be held back

The Energy Transition Act is being targeted by an out of state, Koch-funded political hitman. Tell them they’re out of touch and New Mexicans are ready for a clean energy future. Conservation Voters like you, and across the state, helped pass one of the most ambitious clean energy bills in the country. The Energy Transition [read more…]

IT’S A WIN: Energy Transition Act is law

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed the Energy Transition Act (ETA) into law. This win was hard fought, and we want to extend our thanks to the Governor, and driving sponsors Senators Jacob Candelaria and Mimi Stewart and Representative Nathan Small for their inspiring leadership. And thank you! Hundreds of Conservation Voters like you signed [read more…]

Speak up: don’t let Zinke cut you out of the methane conversation

Defend public health and taxpayer money. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is rewriting a rule for capturing methane waste on public and tribal lands. The proposed rule falls far short of the protections our health and environment need. Submit your public comment now.» Colorado College’s 2018 Conservation in the West poll, released last month, showed that [read more…]

ACT NOW: Help NM go from dirty diesel to clean school buses

  The NM Environment Department is holding public meetings over the next two weeks to help shape how we spend our $18 million from the Volkswagen settlement. You can lend your voice. Attend a public meeting to ask the Environment Department to transition New Mexico schools to electric buses. Dirty diesel school buses emit dangerous pollutants [read more…]

Tell Pruitt: We need the EPA methane rule NOW

  Trump’s EPA is putting a two-year hold on critical rules to reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. We can’t wait for clean air. Submit public comment and demand that the EPA implement the methane rule on schedule.» Last week, a study confirmed (again) that New Mexico’s methane “hot spot” is largely [read more…]

Land Commissioner as oil and gas spokesperson?

This is un-be-liev-able. New Mexico’s State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn recently headlined a press conference for the oil and gas industry, standing with them to oppose nationwide rules to limit methane pollution from the industry. This is the state official whose job it is to help safeguard New Mexico’s lands…and he’s acting as a spokesman [read more…]

Public hearing: your chance to weigh in on super pollutant safeguards

It’s a common practice for oil and gas operations to intentionally release tons (literally!) of methane into the air – to the tune of $42.7 million in New Mexico since 2009. NASA discovered a giant methane “hotspot” the size of Delaware hovering over NM’s San Juan Basin. Now, you have an opportunity to speak up. [read more…]

Let’s put a lid on NM’s giant super pollutant cloud

Did you know that when NASA first detected a giant methane “hotspot” hovering over New Mexico’s San Juan Basin in 2014, experts thought their equipment was malfunctioning? It’s that big – and that serious. Methane is a super pollutant that is an even more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide—in terms of both climate change [read more…]

Speak up for environmental justice in NM’s state implementation of the Clean Power Plan

Something big happened this summer – the U.S. set the first-ever national limits on harmful carbon pollution that power plants spew into the air. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) is the biggest step forward our country has taken yet to combat climate change, and we have an incredible opportunity in New Mexico to take [read more…]

Will Martinez and King debate action on climate change? Update: VICTORY!

Between the mud-slinging and campaign finance reports this election, the real issues New Mexicans face aren’t getting the attention they deserve in the governor’s race. When Gov. Martinez and Attorney General Gary King debate live on KOAT-TV on Oct. 19, they’ll answer questions from a panel of journalists. But will voters learn where the candidates [read more…]