Voting in New Mexico

As we near Primary Election Day (June 7th), there are a number of ways you can prepare to make sure your voice is heard at the ballot box. Here is what you need to know (you can always get information by visiting


  • May 10: Voter registration (by mail or online) closed; you can still register at your county clerk’s office
  • If you are registered with a major party in New Mexico, you cannot change your party affiliation until after the primary. That means you can only vote on your party’s ballot
  • NEW THIS ELECTION – if you are registered as “Decline to State” (party unaffiliated) or with a minor party,  you can participate in the statewide primary by picking a major party affiliation on site at election-day polling places and county clerks’ offices. Same-day registration will be available at some additional early voting locations, as determined by county clerks. You will have to bring a photo ID to do so and you can change your affiliation again after the primary election

Absentee Ballots

  • May 10: Start of absentee ballots mailed to voters (who have submitted an absentee application)
  • Applications can be obtained by:
  • June 2: Last day to request an absentee ballot [NOTE: because of delays in mail, if you have not made this request by June 2, you should do this at your county clerk’s office and return it to the clerk’s office by 7:00 pm on election day]

Visually Impaired Absentee Voting

New Mexico has designed absentee ballots so that a voter who is visually impaired may independently use their screen reader technology to mark their ballot.

  • Fill out an application online
  • An email address is required for delivery of the electronic absentee ballot

Early Voting

  • May 10: Early Voting (at the county clerk’s office) began
  • May 21: Expanded Early Voting begins at alternate voting locations [get information on polling places at or your County Clerk’s Office]

If you have any questions:

  • contact your County Clerk
  • call the Secretary of State Toll Free : 1-800-477-3632

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