CVNM is currently hiring for the following positions:

NEWPolitical & Policy Associate

We are seeking a full-time Political and Policy Associate to support CVNM’s political work and play an integral role in advancing statewide policies that protect our air, land, water, and wildlife. The Associate will be responsible for implementing strategies that build broad support for issue campaigns, statewide policy, and pro-conservation candidates. They will also serve as a junior lobbyist during the legislative session, and assist with coalition convenings and management.

NEW – Water & Land Restoration Advocate

We are seeking a full-time Water and Land Restoration Advocate to develop, coordinate, and implement public policy initiatives and advocacy strategies that advance New Mexico’s leadership to proactively address legacy mine waste, impacts of hard rock mining projects (current and proposed), groundwater and surface water contamination, watershed conservation, freshwater protection, statewide water allocation and administration reform, and in-stream flow protection.

Business Administrator

We are seeking an experienced and engaged Business Administrator to manage the administrative, accounting, scheduling, and overall internal functioning of our offices. This position plays a key role in overseeing the implementation of CVNM’s operational, administrative, human resources and financial systems in order to support organizational goals. Superb interpersonal and leadership skills are vital for this role, as teamwork is important for our organization’s success. Suitable candidates should also be excellent written and verbal communicators and possess the ability to prioritize multiple work demands.


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