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Each year, CVNM engages deeply in the legislative process to advocate for policy that advances and protects your conservation values. Our advocacy team spends hundreds of hours analyzing legislation, tracking its development, engaging directly with policymakers, and amplifying the stories of impacted communities across the state. 

The legislative session represents a critical culmination of this work because it is where the rubber meets the road. In 2022, the legislature only had 30 days to move visionary policy ideas through the legislative process and enact it into law. Critical bills being considered this year include sweeping action on climate, investment in energy efficiency, land conservation and acquisition dollars, among many others. 

The Conservation Scorecard is our primary tool to hold legislators accountable for the votes they cast. Please use this Scorecard as a tool to push your legislators to continue to reflect your values in their votes. We know that when legislators vote with their constituents’ conservation values, New Mexico communities win.

The historic fires and drought New Mexico experienced this spring has reminded us of the severity of what is at stake: our homes, our forests, our wildlife, our water, and our future. During the 2022 legislative session, only a few policies were enacted into law. The bills that passed represent years of advocacy led by communities fighting for resources to clean up legacy pollution, and address environmental inequities. But, we know there’s still more work to be done. 

We invite you to visit our 2022 Conservation Scorecard website to read about the biggest policy wins and shortcomings of the session, and how your legislators voted on issues important to you. Then, reach out to your legislator by phone or email and tell them how their votes resonated (or didn’t) with you. Read our Scorecard now.

Together, we can ensure that our state’s conservation and cultural values guide our decision-makers and public policies. Thank you for standing with us. 

Read the Scorecard

Our 2022 Conservation Scorecard is now live! View it now, then tell your legislators what you think of their vote record. 

View the Scorecard