First ever national safeguards to limit methane pollution from oil and gas industry finalized

The EPA finalized standards for dangerous oil and gas methane pollution from new infrastructure. These are the first-ever national safeguards limiting methane pollution and will go far to protect public health and address climate change.We support the EPA’s new public health standards that cut methane pollution and act on climate change. It’s time to put in place standards that keep Americans safe and healthy from the harmful impacts of these dangerous pollutants. Read more about our sister organization CVNM Education Fund’s work on this issue here.>>

Land Commissioner as oil and gas spokesperson?

New Mexico’s State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn recently headlined a press conference for the oil and gas industry, standing with them to oppose nationwide rules to limit methane pollution from the industry. This is the state official whose job it is to help safeguard New Mexico’s lands…and he’s acting as a spokesman for the people he’s supposed to be regulating.

Join us in holding State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn accountable. By opposing the common sense methane pollution rules, he is standing with polluting industry instead of protecting New Mexico’s trust lands. Send him a message here.>>