CVNM Releases 2015 Conservation Scorecard

Are you legislators representing your conservation values in the NM Legislature? CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard, released annually since 2005, is your tool to find out!

Not sure who your legislators are? Find out here and let them know what you think about their scores!

“Knowing the Score” and taking action is a powerful way to hold your legislators accountable for their votes on critical issues impacting your air, land, water and communities.

CVNM was honored to have four of the 37 100%’ers join us for our press conference to release the 2015 Conservation Scorecard. Read our press release here.

NM needs a strong clean energy plan

Climate change is happening now – we see it in more extreme weather, increases in temperatures, drought, flooding and sea level rise in areas across the United States. These impacts are expected to get worse as carbon pollution in our atmosphere increases.

Earlier this month, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled the Clean Power Plan, which is one of the major steps the U.S. is taking to reduce our nation’s contribution to global climate change.

The Clean Power Plan cuts carbon pollution from the power sector that’s fueling climate change and that’s also responsible for a number of health problems that disproportionately affect communities of color.

Every state has the flexibility to implement the Clean Power Plan differently and Juntos, a partnership between Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund and League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, wants New Mexico’s plan to rely on clean energy sources like wind and solar that do not repeat New Mexico’s dirty energy legacy that has relied heavily on uranium mining and coal-fired power plants, damaging people’s health and community well-being. Read the full opinion editorial by our sister organization here.>>